Our Approach

Smart Recruitment deploys a unique blend of technology and hands-on service to deliver the best person for any staff or executive role.

Our permanent recruitment service delivers senior managers and office executives (S$1k to $10k monthly income positions) – selected for their specific experience and skills, in virtually every functional and professional discipline. We use this website and other technology to expedite and magnify our client and candidate communications.

We are not a job board – behind our online presence is a full-service, personalised recruitment operation.

At the heart of our service is our talent bank of over 200,000 candidates. Selected from over numerous applicants, these individuals represent a diverse and highly experienced resource for companies facing a need for talent.

Leveraging our unique talent bank and personal, yet technology-enabled process, we:

  • Work with you to develop a job brief

  • Communicate that brief TO THE candidates

  • Advertise on targeted job

  • Screen and rank applications

  • Conduct
    interviews &

  • Present a short
    list of the best

The talent bank is the "first port of call" for any brief.

Where necessary, and with each client’s permission, we will also place confidential advertisements on selected job boards, network through industry contacts, or use other relevant search methods where the role requires particularly specialist or scarce skills.

Many candidates in our talent bank are seeking the right permanent role while simultaneously practicing as an interim manager or freelance executive. These candidates can be available extremely fast, for situations where the vacancy is imposing a sudden or critical barrier to an organisation’s success.

Following our receipt of a brief, we can deliver a hand-selected short list for you to interview in under (1) week, compared to the weeks that other placement agencies may take.

Our services includes the development of a detailed brief of the requirements for a role, communication of that brief to the right set of candidates, advertising (where necessary), screening of applications, interviewing, presentation of the short list, reference-checking against the CV.

Depending on the number of candidates we identify, we normally present two to four candidates per role for the client’s consideration and subsequent interview and assessment. This fast, effective service charges no up-front fees.

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